Access technology assessments

A welcome combination of more enlightened attitudes and greater aspirations has resulted in an increase in the number of visually impaired people pursuing further and higher education as well as obtaining employment in a wide range of jobs. Whatever the situation, the visually impaired student and worker will probably require some kind of access technology in order to facilitate some tasks which would otherwise be impossible or difficult.

The access technology concerned might be special computer software, magnifiers, navigation aids or other portable accessible devices. The problem is that access technology can often be very costly and it is sometimes the case that the most expensive options are too readily recommended by technology assessors simply out of habit or due to ignorance of satisfactory, less expensive alternatives.

With the current economic difficulties resulting in pressures to reduce public subsidies, the need for optimal value for money in procuring appropriate access technology has become all the more crucial. We can assist you in identifying the access technology requirements of a visually impaired student or worker by carrying out a thorough assessment of the likely effectiveness of available solutions based on the individual concerned and the tasks they require to perform.

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