VICT Consultancy software licences

How many licences do you need?

The single-user licence costs the quoted price for the software. How many licences you need will depend on whether you are an individual or body and what kind of services you provide. Here is a quick guide.

Individual user

Payment of the quoted price for the software gets you a single-user licence. This entitles you to install the software to any versions of NVDA that you have and on as many computers as you want (provided they are yours, of course!).

Body or association providing vTurbo to employees or members

You will need a licence for each of the employees or members who will be using the software.

School, college, university and other learning institutions

Separate licences are required for the total number of pupils or students using the software throughout the academic year. Provided that the students do not retain the software when they leave, the purchased licences are valid for new students.

Body or association providing training or short-session computer use to the public

In this case, the number of licences relates to the number of drives on which the software is installed and not the number of users.

How to buy multiple licences

This is very easy. When you click on the Buy button in our Products page, you will be directed to the Paypal shopping cart in which you should enter the number of desired licences in the relative quantity box and then update the total. If you are in any doubt at all, please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.