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Welcome to VICT Consultancy

Based on personal experience and the use of special equipment and software designed for visually impaired people, we aim to combine professional expertise with a friendly approach to make it easier for you to:-

News: Introducing AT Prime!

VICT Consultancy is developing AT Prime, an accessibility optimiser application for Windows which is due for release later in 2015. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about this new product which will revolutionise the use of screen-readers.

Training services

VICT Consultancy provides professional training on a wide range of access technology, from Braille note-takers and screen-readers for PCs to smartphone accessibility. Don’t put up with thinking that you won’t be able to use technology and services which are enjoyed by your sighted friends and colleagues!

Get the most out of your technology whether for work, education or pleasure with training from VICT Consultancy!

Website accessibility tests

If you were producing a newspaper, you wouldn’t want to ensure that a substantial group of potential readers received mostly blank pages in their copies! Why design a website which is not accessible or usable by almost 300 million people worldwide?

Not only does it make sense to make your website usable by everyone, your local laws might well require you to make sure that your site is accessible to everyone. VICT Consultancy can help you identify problems on your site with our accessibility tests using popular screen-reading software used by visually impaired people.

Access technology assessments

With the proliferation of powerful smartphones, tablets and wireless communication in the last few years, many of the types of special equipment designed for visually impaired people are rapidly becoming obsolete. Why pay hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds for a gadget which does less than an accessible smartphone or tablet? Why pay for expensive access software when there are free alternatives available?

The producers or re-sellers of special equipment have it in their interests to persuade you that expensive, bespoke equipment is required to enable visually impaired students or workers to complete required tasks effectively. Their contention remains true only in an ever-decreasing number of situations since new technology often provides a complete solution at a much reduced price.

VICT Consultancy is completely independent of producers and re-sellers of access equipment and software and can provide you with an assessment of the access technology needs of a visually impaired person with a view to minimising cost and maximising functionality and usability.

Reaching you wherever you are

Although we can provide training or conduct access technology assessments face-to-face wherever you are in Great Britain, VICT Consultancy believes in using accessible communications technology to connect to customers all over the world. Our training can be provided using Skype or by phone and, depending on circumstances, you may also welcome the opportunity to discuss a technology assessment over Skype. Our services are only limited by time (08:00-21:00 GMT, Mon-Fri).

Join the communications revolution and access our services wherever you are.


Check out our podcasts page for reviews and demonstrations of access technology. You’ll find useful information and tips here as well as independent and frank opinions on various matters relating to access technology.


VICT Consultancy has released vTurbo 2.5 with some new features and compatibility with the new NVDA configuration profiles, with vMouse being updated to version 1.6.

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