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Can you access all of the features of your access technology?

Since the purpose of access technology for visually impaired people, such as Braille note-takers and screen-reading software, is to provide access to everyday functions and facilities taken for granted by sighted people, whether at work, in education or at home, it follows that accessibility improves if you can get the most out of your access technology. Learning how to use your access technology to the full is therefore essential and professional training provides the easiest and quickest learning path.

Our training services

We provide training in relation to:

Your training needs

Training can be expensive and, depending on your own experience with computer technology, it may not always be necessary.

So, before engaging us to provide you with professional training to meet your needs, consider which of the following points apply to you:

Our training methods

If any of the above situations applies to you, then you will benefit from professional training from VICT Consultancy. We provide training specifically customised to meet your needs:

Training at your place of work, learning institution or home

Face to face training can be provided anywhere within Great Britain, depending on budget and learning requirements. If you are not in Great Britain, then you can take advantage of any or all of the following training methods.

Training by telephone

Don't call us - we'll call you! If you cannot use Skype for any reason, we can call you to provide a training session.

Training over Skype

If you are not already using Skype for free voice communication over the internet, we can help you set it up on your computer so that you can receive training no matter where you are in the world.

Downloadable training

Check out our downloadable podcasts and Daisy books on our products page which are designed to give practical, real-world examples of particular tasks in a way which will make more sense to you.

Training Availability and costs

Training sessions can be arranged Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 21:00 GMT but can also be provided outwith these times in special circumstances.

Visit our charges page for details on our training fees.

How to book a training session

Please contact us to find out how we can help with your training needs or simply to book a training session.

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